Background & Summary

[Edit Jan 2016 - new proposals from the Braywick Court School & Bellevue Place Education Trust have just been made public, not including use of the Nature Centre and thus not proposing to build on the Park Itself. We are in the process of updating a few of the statements on this website to reflect this]

RBWM have agreed to lease land and buildings for a Free School to open on the site formerly used as Winbury School, without proper public consultation. 

Winbury School originally had at most 90 pupils - Braywick Court School will have 210. 

Bellevue Place Educational Trust (who will run the new School) want to build a large 2 storey development on public open space & the existing school site & RBWM have agreed that the Trust can take over the existing Nature Centre building in Braywick Park and are planning to build a replacement building IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARK.

At the outset, we would like to make clear that we have no objection to the use of the former Winbury School buildings for a school of 90 to 100 pupils, which was the number at Winbury School over the years.  

This is the location where RBWM are proposing to build the new Nature Centre building in the middle of the park. 

(Which of course is only necessary because they want to lease the existing Nature Centre building to the School, because they want more space, because they plan to have 210 pupils compared to the 90 it used to have as Winbury...)

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