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PLEASE email your comments about the planning application (only be a few quick lines is fine!) to planning.maidenhead@rbwm.gov.uk or write to: RBWM Planning, Town Hall, St. Ives Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF - quoting application 16/00984/FULL.


Update - 30 Nov 2016 - re: loss of Hibbert Road Car Park.

Please let the Council know your views on the potential loss of the car park for the duration of the construction process. 

Write to Cllr. Samantha Rayner who is lead member for Communities and Culture (which includes parks and open spaces) her email is: cllr.s.rayner@rbwm.gov.uk


CLICK HERE to send an email with your concerns to Theresa May MP & all RBWM Councillors. (Feel free to use information from this website as a guide for key points but please write in your own words & mention the issues that you feel most strongly about & affect you personally).

Write a letter to Theresa May MP: Click here for contact info

Write letters to Local councillors. Click here for a list of them all - but there's a list on the right sidebar of the best ones to write to (Oldfield & Bray Wards, people on Planning & Development Panels etc).

Write to the Maidenhead Advertiser: Click here for contact info

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This is the area, right in the middle of Braywick Park Formal Gardens where they are planning to build the new Nature Centre Building (only necessary because the School plans to increase its pupil numbers from 90 to 210)

This is the path they've already dug up through the (previously) lovely wilderness area at the back of Braywick Park for the supposed 'walking bus' plan - which the School has no way of actually forcing parents to use anyway.

Before work could be done on the nearby Bray Road site for new, expanded Oldfield School - a lot of careful work  had to be done to protect and relocate a slow-worms, a protected species. They literally bulldozed through this area of the park apparently without any similar care for wildlife or the area...

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